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Saturday, July 4, 2009

My garage sale is doing great except for the "sale" part

Assalamu alaikum sisters (and brothers i guess)

I am currently reporting from a garage sale, my quran teacher's laptop in my lap, awaiting any customers. If you read my blog consistently and live anywhere near the state of california, can you please stop by the garage sale at Baloney street (lol, thats not the real name!) anytime until four!! I need customers, urgently!! My fellow blogger and sister, VeiledKnight, is by my side, as desperate as I am to get rid of a lot of unnecessary objects found in our home. My quran teacher is moving to Egypt (tears tears tears :( i hope not forever) so she's trying to sell evrything in her house. She kindly gave me her laptop (and saved (thank god she brought her laptop).
Selling objects can be very destructive. They also tend to not really sell anything. Like for example, this drunk lady just came and I couldn't really understand what she was saying. It was all "blah,blah, grr, blah, he he he". That's why people should not drink alcohol!! Alhamdulillah, it is haram to drink wine and liquor in Islam but all those non-muslims who get drunk on weekly or daily basis: be careful, your life is in danger! Everyone already knows all the cons of alcohol so i'm not gonna bore anyone with all the facts. Alcohol also puts other people's lives in danger. Like a drunk person who tries to get something from a garage sale. Seriously!! i know it's the 4th of July but don't you have better stuff to do in your life.

okay, im getting off track so im gonna stop talking about alcohol. Main point, garage sales are dangerous. Plus, garage sales are a waste of time. I have been here for four and a half hours already and i haven't made much money yet. Actually, it seems the American population is unaware of the word "sale". "I'll get this for one dollar," says a man holding up a sewing machine for 16 dollars!! The point of a sale is to make money, much less lose 15 dollars. Oooh, here comes another potential customer!! Wait, didn't that guy already stop here 4 times? oh whatever. The battery is dying so I am forced to depart with this laptop. Good bye my dear friend....


  1. Asalaam wa alaykum sister,

    You've been tagged with the scrap tag. Hehe. :D Check it out on my blog please. ~ Nisa

  2. Suh-weet! Sorry i cant stop by! lol
    i got bad service on garage sales myself! lol

    -Veiled Knight
    (-ur sister who was suffering at the garage sale with u!)