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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why it really isn't nice to stare at people

Assalamu alaikum,

I'm sorry i write so inconsistently....get used to it, I don't change that easily. Anyways, I am having a hard time accepting that some non-muslims just don't understand what's wrong with staring at people. And of all people, Americans always stare at me. Seriously!! Men, women, boys, girls, seniors, and even the cute baby standing behind me in Safeway! God! Look, I'm sorry I'm talking this way but I decided that perhaps if I start speaking out about it, 10 years from now when I'm all famous and stuff and everyone's reading my terrific blog, the stares will decrease in quantity. You know what really hurts? It's like just because you wear a hijab (scarf) on your head, you're not human anymore. Everyone can stare at you. But you can't stare back. This really old lady once almost dropped her shopping bags when she saw me. That caught me by surprise because come on, the older the wiser, right? Well, I'm looking at her trying to figure out what's wrong, and she notices I'm looking. So she gets this really scared look on her face and takes off!! I didn't know she could run so fast!

And you know, this other time, at this check-out line, a 5 or 6-year old was standing there, just staring with his mouth wide open. And then, when my mom finished paying and we're leaving, I hear that little boy, "Mom, what is that??" Like I was an alien that didn't belong there.

But these are just the nice people. There are some really subjected people that think it's okay to swear at Muslims and it hurts. Really. I think that is how I first learned about the f-word. and I don't even know why he called me that.

And finally, there are that people that think "Oh she's a muslim, she can't speak English". I go up to the lady at the check-out counter (all my luck happens at the check-out counter) and that next minute, she's talking rrreeally ssllooow. I get impatient and annoyed and she thinks I cant comprehend even that so she starts doing sign language!! You know what? Just because I am an Arab and you probably heard me talk in Arabic to my mom, that doesn't mean I don't speak English too.

Look, main point, if you are a non-muslim who happens to stare at Muslims, can you please stop that? If you want to learn more about Islam and Muslims, you should contact one by talking-not by staring. If you really want answers, walk up to any Muslim and ask. We speak English, you know....


  1. Salam 3alaykum sister, I can definatley relate to some of the experiences you've had, IT gets abit frustrating because its not like were holding guns in our hands. Well i had this experience once which i will NEVER forget, I had a man ask me why I was wearing nail polish and a scarf at the same time! ( I was in early stages of wearing Hegab and I stil wear nail polish once a month). Some people are very interested but because theres so many Hijabi's in Sydney I think they are used to it now.

    Tc and remember Allah is always watching over us inshallah.

  2. Yeah, I can relate too! It's cool being unique and living in the U.S. with Islam!
    I am proud to say.....
    AllahCreatedMe is my sister!!!
    And I'm glad she has the power of the pen!
    Go Hijabis!!!