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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Can you please turn that down? I can't hear myself!!

Assalamu alaikum.

There are few things in this world sadder than when a sin becomes the normal. That's what happened to music. Music had always been haram (I researched this). At the time of the prophet, it was never reported that anyone made music halal from the sahabah and there was never any disagreement about its hurmah (coming from the word "haram"). This continued to be the case until a muslim scholar named Ibn Hazm made halal most types of instruments. This is when all the disagreements started (Why do Muslims always disagree?).

Here is some backround information. Ibn Hazm was born in the year 456 AH. That is exactly 433 years after the passing away of the prophet. So supposedly, for 433 years, no one knew that music was halal until Ibn Hazm came along and discovered that music is halal. I have nothing but respect for this scholar and don't get me wrong, he's a great guy. I am just trying to make it clear that Ibn Hazm did not have the authority to make music halal. This is because Ibn Hazm was never a scholar of hadith and only those who studied ahadith can differentiate between what is halal and haram. According to islamworld.net, it was Ibn Hazm that said, 'Every hadeeth related (prohibiting music and singing) is false and forged." Tell me, would you rather listen to music because one scholar (unqualified) made some of it halal? Knowing that no other scholar at his time made music halal.

People, fear Allah. Just because EVERYBODY listens to music nowadays (and btw, not evrybody listens to music) that doesn't mean it is halal now. Islam is not altered by those who follow it but by He who made it for mankind to follow.

Here in the west, most people are drunk by 11:59 pm friday. Does that make consuming wine halal? [Though I am sure the way we are headed, someone is bound to get up soon and make that halal too] Please, be proud of the religion you selected for yourself. You weren't forced into Islam, you chose it. So why choose a religion that you want to change?

I plan to continue this so wait patiently, and hopefully any other myths will be cleared. Please keep in mind that Allah Created Me, and any creation has flaws. If you find a mistake, kindly point it out. :) :) :)

Be with God. God's always with you.

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