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Monday, July 27, 2009

A response to my sister's comments

Assalamu alaikum

My wonderful preteen sister, Veiled Knight, wrote a post about how we went tubing. But she like, always exaggerates!! plus, i had more experience!!

I fell in the ICE-COLD (it was very warm actually) water TWICE!!! You see, i got this islamic swimsuit from my beloved country, Misr, unlike my sister who still wears and drowns from abayas whenever we go somewhere. My swim suit is black with white flowers which actually looks nice. Anyway, the problem in it is that it doesn't cover your feet as well (im paranoid about men seeing my feet). So i had to wear socks. I wore white ones-bad idea. They apparently grow in size rapidly and the elastic got messed up. Very embarrassing. I almost lost it!!!

So we wrode in this tube where three people sit next to each other. Connect it to a launch with a looong rope and its so frightening. It was between 30-40 miles per hour, but that can be petrifying!

After falling two times, we investigated and found that the knot was tied wrong!! anyways, muslims having FuN!!

People were staring at me as i went zooming past-astaghfirullah, i even felt like showing off!!! and i never show off in front of non-muslims!!

well, that's it for today. Gotta go to sleep....or waste my time watching harry potter the 5th. one of them. May allah help me and all the muslims in the ummah to use our time wisely. Perhaps we wouldn't be so stereo-typed if we worked more and talked less. See. im just talking. Salam.

Be with God. He's always with you!!

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  1. Mashallah that you were able to find a nice Islamic swimsuit! Tubing sounds so awesome, and glad you had fun.