I've gone for college......I hope to go to Jannah.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What you would get if you e-mailed my sister

Assalamu alaikum,

my wonderful sister has done it again (God lengthen her life); beat me at my own game! i send her an e-mail (some meaningless forward) and here is what i got back! I copy-and-pasted it below:

Bismillahi AlRahmaan AlRaheem
In the name of Allah, the most Beneficient, the Merciful

Assalaamu Alaikum warahmat Allahi wabarakatuh my dear sister or brother,

This February, I have done a decision that I consider extremely harsh on myself (Fine...I admit I AM addicted to checking my email aboutevery 5 minutes every day..); but it is to prove to myself that I can and will live without checking my email for thirty days inshaAllah ta'aala. I hope you can also help me by not pressuring me to check my email as many of you have done before. :)

If I remain alive after thirty days, I promise you that inshaAllah Iwill check my email and reply to any necessary email. If I'm by any means online during this certain period of time, please remind me to go offline for that's what a true friend would do. I pledge to memorize as much
Qur'an as I can during this time, do as much extra activites, beneficial deeds, help others, and volunteer more. This way, my Lord will help me through every hardship and calamity I endure later on. If there is an urgent request, you can call me. Keep me in your duaa's,

------- -----

P.S. Usually a slave is someone who is ashamed to live a life of dedication to another being. But me...I stand proud. By Allah, I am His slave.

Remember Him and He will remember you,
Bint Khaled :D

So you tell me, has my sos (i mean, sis) done it again?

10 reasons why

Islam is getting popular

first of all, assalamu alaikum warahmatu arraheem (likey?)

newa, 10 reasons why everybody loves Islam:

  • When you meet a Muslim, the first thing you hear out of their mouth is a prayer for you
  • When you are feeling sad and down, you have more than 1 billion "brothers" and "sisters" by your side, ready to comfort you
  • Muslims actually respect all the prophets and pray for them when they are mentioned, instead of accusing them to be drunk and immoral, wal iyaathu billah.
  • If a Muslim lady lives in a rainy region, she doesn't have to worry too much about her hair getting wet.
  • If you shake a Muslim's hand, the sins of both "shakers" are dropping from your hand until you separate.
  • We really like holidays, we even have two Eids!
  • The more you give, the more you get.
  • We are a smiling nation. if you dont want to give a charity financially, smile, and you'll get the reward.
  • The book that was sent down by god more than 1,430 years ago is the same exact one that we read today in 2010.
  • If you are a non-arab Muslim, you get the plus of an extra language, most of the time, not by choice.
  • Every Muslim will go to jannah, god willing.

Ok, i admit it, that was eleven, but i was hoping you wouldn't notice. i originally wanted 100 reasons why, but ill stick to 10 because of my homework (i am yet to find someone who loves geometry, not including my teacher)

i gotta go, so salams.

add on if you want. maybe we could make them 100!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Social Life is NOT Getting better

assalamu alaikum

ok, so u know how all these people now have a cell phone on them 24/7 and a personal e-mail they check daily (my bf checks it 3 times a day) and a bunch of "followers" on twitter and blogger and myspace, and "friends" on youtube, and you get the point. Newa (anyways), whenever you talk to any of these guys and gals about getting outside, getting a life, interacting with people for a change, all you get is a "Dude, i don't need a social life, i already have too much goin' on in my life. 2300 subscribers, 54 friends, 68 followers, and..." whatever.

Thats not a social life. can you go to any of them for help? support?Do you have a shoulder to cry on if needed? Then, its not real. its all virtual. and you dont need a virtual life. you need to get a real one. i wrote this one essay for my college about this and i found interesting statistics:

ok, so there are more than 60 million active users (im not one of them btw). 60 million human beings have all these virtual friends. About every six months, these users double in number (you do the numbers) More than 60% are between 18-34, that means grown adults, parents, with families. More than 35%, however, are teens, that should be using these years to make connections, real connections! More than half of the active users check it daily! Most users are from the USA (yay?) For youtube, every MINUTE, 10 hours of video are uploaded, which is a LOT (masha'allah) it is more frequently used in the summer times (guess why)

in the UK, it is as common to have a myspace as it is to have a dog (lol) 10 billion "friends" and 300,000 new users come everyday. go now and make them 300, 001! lol, thats if you dont already (again, i dont)
for more eye-watering statistics, visit

and i leave you in the hands of God, as i found you His hands

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To Those Who Like to Cry

If you want to cry, read the last 2 ayahs of Surat Luqman:

O mankind! Keep your duty to your Lord and dread a Day when the parent will not be able to avail the child in aught, nor the child to avail the parent. Surely the promise of Allah is true, therefore let not this world's life deceive you, nor let any deceiver deceive you about Allah.
Verily the knowledge of the Hour is with Allah (alone). It is He Who sends down rain, and He Who knows what is in the wombs. No soul knows what will it earn tomorrow, and no soul knows in which land it will die. Verily with Allah is full knowledge and He is acquainted (with all things).
(31: 33-34)

Listen to it at http://www.mp3quran.net/media.php%20file=


wal hamdu lillahi rabbi al-alameen

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


assalamu alaikum

i love islamic e-mails. here is an e-mail that i translated from Arabic so you can read it. i hope my friends read this because i know if i sent it to them as it is, even the arabs will delete it (u know who you are) any way:

The restrictions on joking in islam:
  1. Must not be at the expense of our religion (who would do that? ISLAM ROCKS!)
  2. Must be true (bukhari: the prophet used to never joke except that he spoke the truth)
  3. Must not make anyone afraid [especially people who joke around with knives (OR WORSE!)]
  4. Must not be at the expense of anyone or to put ANY HUMAN down (I owe a million presidents sincere apologies)
  5. It must not be excessive (you know, every other word)
  6. Choose the right people. Don't go to a homeless person who can barely cover his awrah and joke about someone's wardrobe (yes its out of style, but at least its there)
  7. To be the proportion of salt in food (Jokes: Total conversation as Salt: Meal)
  9. Choose the right times, for God's sake! Dont wait until everyone is mourning for a guy that just died then decide to prepare for a career of stand-up comedy.

BTW, these guidelines make stand-up comedy haram because the jokes are excessive and stand up comedy is almost always at the expense of others and is not like salt in food. Wallahu a3lam. I love you people of God.