I've gone for college......I hope to go to Jannah.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I have a LOT to say, subhanallah

peace be upon all u peoplz!

5 top things right now:
-my bff told me recently that she is actually following my blog (reading it!) and i realized that if i want to impress her, i should at least write more than once a month.
-i read this awesome book called "The Gospel According to Larry" and i got soo many ideas about my blog and i still have to think about how im gonna start.
-the digital alarm clock on my bedstand-thingy is 4 minutes ahead (that explains why i am starting to get to places on time for a change)
-i finished all my 60 hours of community service in 2 months (well..68.5 hours) and now resemble Mother Teresa (my dad said that and im still trying to "get it")
-my computer applications teacher is a mrs. "youngblood"

now five things i have to change about myself by same time next week:
  1. remember to read ayatul kursi after every salah
  2. sleep early
  3. finish surat al naml
  4. register for fiqh of love (even though im not 17) before feb. 1st
  5. convince my parents that its ok for friends to hang out at a mall (though i doubt ill have much luck-or qadar, whichever is more islamically right)

ok then, this is helping me get my thoughts out. after reading the aforementioned book, i decided that my blog should have a message to it. A certain slogan or motto that i stand by: a purpose. so far it has been one of the hundreds of things i have to squish in my not-so-busy 12-hour days. it should be more than that. it started off a whole "not afraid to show who i really am" type of thing. now, its a little different. i think i might actually be afraid to show who i really am. inside. deeep down. i have a question for you guysos-who-never-comment-on-my-blog (excluding those who actually comment of course):

SO FAR, WHAT DO YOU FEEL HAS BEEN THE OVERALL MESSAGE THAT MY BLOG GIVES? i wanna know how you gals think of me. so yeah. ok, i think Isha time came in already. or maybe its already out. i dont know. its still dark outside. lol. just kidding. did you know that the later you pray Isha, the more thawab you get, insha'allah? Thanks again, sheikh Yasir.

9-ty night (i know that doesnt make sense probably, but im too tired to explain) see you soon! wait...see you soon...jannah?


  1. Lol. Wow. More than 60 hours in two months?! That's fastttt!!! Btw, what's fiqh of lovee? And you are turning 17 this yearr? =)

  2. sorry, one question.. what is the fiqh of love?
    and i know what you mean...lol

  3. Ok, so I should have explained things. Fiqh of Love is one of the awesomest classes ever about marriage in Islam. It is taught through AlMaghrib Institute (you can check them out at almaghrib.org) and this year, my qabeelah, qabeelat Haadi is offering it on valentine's day! perfect timing. it's on everything, from how to meet people for mariage to like divorce and other i-hope-i-never-have-to-go-through-it scenarios. for more information, see my next post. Jazakum Alahu khairan