I've gone for college......I hope to go to Jannah.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

i have 3 mins to write this


hope to write this really fast so i might make some mistakes so just forgive me peoples.
first od all wanted to say that there are two websites that i want you guiyz to lake a looka at ok?


amazing article loved it laughed from it. hope you like it too

really helps if you are anywhere in highschool, near a highschooler, aor anything. just plain nice. quite interesting. so my minutes almost up mught have to stop out of nowhere so just be prepared for that ok and know thay i am writinf reall fast now so dorry about it all. time almosy up/


  1. uh oh. guess ur time got overrr! =P were u on a timed internet? like the ones at the libraryyy? anywayss,, alhamdulillah i am home schooled! glad not to be in an american high shoool! alhamdulillah! alhamdulillah! alhamdulillah! =D

  2. LOL! Something like that. more like having to be in bed by nine and i still had to change into my pjs so by the time i published it, shut down the computer and worked really fast, it was exactly 9:00. not that i usually sleep at nine or anything. it is 11:30 pm as i write this. sleeping early does help me get up though.