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Monday, November 2, 2009

Sadness and Grief: remember Allah and they will leave

Assalamu alaikum everyone

I am feeling sad today. Alhmadulillah, I am feeling very sad today. To begin with, the Almaghrib class I was taking ended yesterday and I was crying hard because a chance to learn about Allah has packed its bags and headed somewhere else. I am also sad because I got so confused, studied the wrong section for math, and flunked a quiz. It's worse than flunking, really. It's when you don't even get a number. It's below an F actually, propably in the Zs. I feel not so sad for myself as I feel sad that my Algebra 2 teacher might think Muslims are dumb or something. I was doing it for the sake of Islam and I failed myself, my parents, and now, Allah. How horrible could things get?

So I just opened up this book (Saheeh al-kalim al-tayyib for sheikh Al-albany) and it was the hadith of Umm Salama where when something bad happens to you and you say:

inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji3oon
allahumma ajir ly fi museebaty wa ukhluf ly khairan minah

I said it just once and I felt so happy suddenly and my heart stopped crying and I decided I have to spread the word. I am telling this to myelf, though of course I knew this before:

Islam works!
Islam really works!


  1. assalamu alaikum warahmatu allahi wabaraktuh sis (in real life lol)
    dont be too tough on yourself insha'Allah Allah (swt) will help you and guide you through all these problems like a breeze. Remember im always there for you...just a bedroom away lol

    -veiled knight
    for the sake of allah.

  2. he he he. i would rather go to Abu Hasana then you! well...I'll think about it. You are the reason for my grief, habibti, but maybe you can fix your mistakes. Am I being mean? Really? fine, I'm sorry.