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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Twilight ( I am not a fan of it)

Assalamu ala man ittaba3a Al-Huda

I don't really like my last post; thinking about deleting it. You know, the one about why dating "sux". It's not that the idea is wrong, but "sux" is a bad word for me and no, I CANT just change the title. Thats not how blogs are.

I am also a little hurt by a discovery I made recently, the fact that NO ONE EVER COMMENTS ON MY BLOG!!! except for maybe my little sister, and that's just to be nice. It is a free country people, but I freely ask you to freely comment on my free blog!! pleaseee (freely) comment!

Also, I am announcing once and for all that I hate Twilight, which I have never read, never watched, and never hope to do either of them. This doesn't mean I am ignorant about the book. I have heard a couple MILLION fans tell me the story over and over again and I still don't like it. Any sane person with the same opinion? please dont tell me Im the only teenage girl who believes this.

i end this post with: do ri me fa so la ti doh!


  1. yeah i hate twighlight as well. well not hate but im not interested. Ive watched the movie once but thats enough for me.

  2. I used to be a fan of twilight.. but now.. dude.. you're right! it is lame.. plus the movie was LAME.

    =) i support you!

  3. Masha'allah! Thanks for the comments, you guys. That made me feel happy...:)

  4. SubhanAllah! I really do HATE twilight! I mean the idea is *lame* and the way it's shown as if love outside of marriage is a normal thing..And what up with the vampires and werewolfs!! Plus, it's not even realistic nor is it interesting..no one even skips through the bad parts (that's an excuse i've heard) bcuz the bad parts are wayy too many!!
    It's taking the minds of the Muslim youth away!! OMA help!