I've gone for college......I hope to go to Jannah.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pink Hijab Day!!

Today is Pink Hijab Day! Well, it was but since the athan for maghrib just went off....anyway, it is Pink Hijab Day. And if you are a man, I am not discriminating against you. It could also be Pink Sock Day, Pink Shirt Day, maybe Pink Hair Day. The point is pink.

Subhanallah, I found out about this recently while reading Islamic Horizons [the matrimonial section is my favorite (seeking religous hyderabadi muslim woman; no scarf ...)] and it was saying how this middle school girl started it because all her friends were wearing pink hijabs on the same day. So today, I went to college wearing....brown!

I am so mad and guilty and angry and upset. I had really been looking forward to wearing a pink costume on october 28, but I forgot!! I forgot, I forgot, I forgot!!

I felt like crying. Like I was betraying the ummah or something. I hope you guys had better luck....groan

Bu the way, just an afterthought, is there luck in Islam? Is it halal to tell a muslim "good luck" Just wondering.



  1. humm i didnt wear a pink hijab or anything pink today. not because istayed at home alone all day. but because it doesnt appeal to me lol

    i wish also for answer about good luck. i know luck doesnt exist. soemtimes i slip and i say good luck to someone. but then im like astaghfiroulah there is no luck. you know what i say now hahhahahha I HOPE EVERYTHING IS GONNA GO WELL FOR YOU. and point blank. and in my head i say insha'Allah if im talkin to non muslims. what about someone tells me good luck? sometimes i slip too and i say thank you. but then i want to beat myself. otherwise i dont reply, i stay silent, or i mimic a facial expression. or i say i hope everything is gonna well. lollllllll

  2. but wait, what makes luck haram? I mean, isn't all luck from Allah. Isn't like what's haram to have lucky objects that you BELIEVE bring luck? This is really interesting, thank you.

  3. no luck as i see it is hazard, chance. its like you throw two apples in the air and they form some kind of object. i dont know how to expect it. its hazard. and we know nothing is hazardous. everything falls into place by the wish of Allah. for me it has nothing to do with God. thats how i understood it. i dont know if thats what people mean or not. it would be interesting to know