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Monday, October 11, 2010

The importance of having a goal!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatu Allah

As usual, not much time to write. For one thing, I plan to get 9 hours of sleep tonight and I was supposed to be asleep 11 minutes ago...oh Well, somethings never happen.

But I wanted to say that the saddest thing about students (of anything) is their lack of motivation to learn. "What will get me the A?" or "When will this be over?" does not exactly serve the purpose of expressing your innermost love for learning. I love learning. And I realized recently that I am one of the few who feels that way. A conversation I had with a friend a week ago

me: "Don't you just love school?"
friend: "No...who does?"

Ya Allah! No! No! No! That thinking will get you no where!! Make a goal today!!
TEll yourself and Allah and anyone else who will listen to you:

"Whatever I do today, I will do it with my utmost perfection. I will keep perfecting what I do until either I die or my actions become perfect."

That's a trick....because you will never do perfect actions...but you can get very close. My goal: don't make my posts too long like the last one. So I don't bore you! Ok, toodle-do...

Oh God It's Monday


  1. Man..do I love you, sis!
    I completely agree..I love school too. The deal is that I love learning itself more than I love school. No offense, but I think that most of my knowledge comes from outside of school. I don't know if alone I feel this way..

  2. ME too!! Dude, we should get together and talk sometime...