I've gone for college......I hope to go to Jannah.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I am putting this link here to remind myself that this is where i have to be next year


also, totally gonna take the almaghrib class!! insha'allah!! The prophet's smile!! I can't wait to smile the prophet's smile on October 15. Also, I miss you guys, and i wish i can write every day. I want to get closer to Allah, but I don't see that in my life. Rather, it is a very up-down-up-down relationship. But when I am doing a sin that I know is wrong, I feel like there is no hope for me to ever enter jannah. When I do a simple good act, I feel like smiling soo wide because I can't wait till I meet Allah (SWT) and tell Him (and he, glorified, knows it) all the good that I did just for him and for no one else. I love Allah! I hate my nafs...

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