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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Social Life is NOT Getting better

assalamu alaikum

ok, so u know how all these people now have a cell phone on them 24/7 and a personal e-mail they check daily (my bf checks it 3 times a day) and a bunch of "followers" on twitter and blogger and myspace, and "friends" on youtube, and you get the point. Newa (anyways), whenever you talk to any of these guys and gals about getting outside, getting a life, interacting with people for a change, all you get is a "Dude, i don't need a social life, i already have too much goin' on in my life. 2300 subscribers, 54 friends, 68 followers, and..." whatever.

Thats not a social life. can you go to any of them for help? support?Do you have a shoulder to cry on if needed? Then, its not real. its all virtual. and you dont need a virtual life. you need to get a real one. i wrote this one essay for my college about this and i found interesting statistics:

ok, so there are more than 60 million active users (im not one of them btw). 60 million human beings have all these virtual friends. About every six months, these users double in number (you do the numbers) More than 60% are between 18-34, that means grown adults, parents, with families. More than 35%, however, are teens, that should be using these years to make connections, real connections! More than half of the active users check it daily! Most users are from the USA (yay?) For youtube, every MINUTE, 10 hours of video are uploaded, which is a LOT (masha'allah) it is more frequently used in the summer times (guess why)

in the UK, it is as common to have a myspace as it is to have a dog (lol) 10 billion "friends" and 300,000 new users come everyday. go now and make them 300, 001! lol, thats if you dont already (again, i dont)
for more eye-watering statistics, visit

and i leave you in the hands of God, as i found you His hands

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