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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


assalamu alaikum

i love islamic e-mails. here is an e-mail that i translated from Arabic so you can read it. i hope my friends read this because i know if i sent it to them as it is, even the arabs will delete it (u know who you are) any way:

The restrictions on joking in islam:
  1. Must not be at the expense of our religion (who would do that? ISLAM ROCKS!)
  2. Must be true (bukhari: the prophet used to never joke except that he spoke the truth)
  3. Must not make anyone afraid [especially people who joke around with knives (OR WORSE!)]
  4. Must not be at the expense of anyone or to put ANY HUMAN down (I owe a million presidents sincere apologies)
  5. It must not be excessive (you know, every other word)
  6. Choose the right people. Don't go to a homeless person who can barely cover his awrah and joke about someone's wardrobe (yes its out of style, but at least its there)
  7. To be the proportion of salt in food (Jokes: Total conversation as Salt: Meal)
  9. Choose the right times, for God's sake! Dont wait until everyone is mourning for a guy that just died then decide to prepare for a career of stand-up comedy.

BTW, these guidelines make stand-up comedy haram because the jokes are excessive and stand up comedy is almost always at the expense of others and is not like salt in food. Wallahu a3lam. I love you people of God.



  1. salamo aleikom

    yeah, it is haraam to say "for Christ's sake" lol. it should be only for Allah's sake. saying "for Christ's sake" is like worshiping Jesus (as), like the shi'a say "Oh Ali" or "Oh Husayn", etc., which comes under the ruling on shirk, be careful.
    also, it's good that people spread this type of e-mails. i receive many having fabricated or weak ahadith and some innovations and it's really silly when you look at it, no matter the intention of the person. also, some jokes go beyond what should be seen as a joke. i know about stand-up comedies also... it's disastrous to see so many Muslims gathered just to hear someone talk bad about a person or a group of people, also, because those gatherings are usually mixed (no partitions between men and women). which makes it even worse. May Allah enlighten these people, ameen.

  2. Jazaki allahu khairan, Safiyah. proud to call you my sister. i changed the post alhamdulillah, after ur comment. i never thought of it like worshiping, i always thought like we say "please do it for my sake" but we are not asking anyone to worship us.