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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Internet: Shaytaan in DISGUISE!

Assalamu alakunn (I am assuming that only/mostly women read this blog..i hope?)

I am wondering if anyone is actually doing this Qiyam Al Layl challenge with me. My sister is, alhamdulillah, but apparently the support from my "fans" has waned. If you aren't, dare to do it for three nights in a row. Just try your best and keep this in mind:

When salah was first prescribed to the prophet (S), QIYAM AL LAYL WAS FARD!! For a whole year, sahabahs of all ages and sizes, shapes and colors, woke up before the crack of dawn and worshipped Allah (SWT). It was hard, and Allah (SWT) knew it. That's why it became a mustahab! The most beloved of salah to Allah, is the prayer done at night, when all is asleeeezzzzp. I almost fell asleep there! lol.

Newa, i was supposed to be talking about the dangers of the internet, but I just realized that you probably know all that. I also wanted to say that I recently (yesterday) became acquainted with a site and am almost an addict. It's: mylifeismuslim.com! I really like the idea and it really lifts my mood. Anyone on there?

well, if not, go check it out, but remember: BEWARE OF INTERNET!

wassalamu alaikunn/m


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  2. MashaALLAH ta'ala you've got a nice blog there. So, Did you actually stay awake all night in prayer? MashaALLAH ta'ala, I think Im too late, no?

  3. I love your awesome blog!!!! Hey know who am i?