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Monday, March 21, 2011

Im still alive

Oh my God! I can't even say it's been a long time because it's been longer than that. I don't know why there are so many earthquakes happening. I can't understand the Quantam Physics theory. I dont know why I am stressed out all the time even though I am wasting most of my time. Why do I get bored? There should be lots of things to do in life.

I love this term. All my classes are great and amazing. Except one. But that was inevitable. I am getting frightened about all the radiation that undoubtedly now lies in our atmosphere. I think that the world will end sometime soon. All the war, the killing, the earthquakes, the fires, the sadness and corruption and injustice, it's all going to end. But when that ends, so will the goodness and kindness and charity and laughter and love and hope. I think that's why no one wants everything to end. But it will.

Sometimes, I think about all the things in the world that are dangerous and threaten the lengths of our lives. like all the infinite diseases out there and new ones getting discovered each day. All the chemicals, the pollution, the war, the crime, and the suicide. Isn't it a miracle that there are still living people out there? Food for thought.

I told myself I'll go to sleep early and since I haven't had dinner yet, I have to hurry up before midnight. If that happens, I can't reward myself for sleeping early. Bon soir!

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